Thursday, May 14, 2009

5/14/2009, Day 3

Today Kyle Arrived In: Titusville, PA

See Kyle on the Map:
Miles Traveled Today: 70
Miles Traveled Total: 228
Miles Remaining: 3,172

Kyle’s Update: Kyle just arrived in Titusville, PA. It rained all day, until the last 10 miles. Because of the rain, everything got wet and the group checked into a hotel for tonight to do laundry and get everything dry, etc. A funny story Kyle told of today was that along the way today a lady in Tidioute, PA, trying to help, told the group a better way to go and he took the advice, unfortunately it ended up being an extra 10 miles in the rain, live and learn. Kyle is now approximately 120 miles east of Cleveland, OH (his Saturday destination). Everything else is going according to plan, there is a 50 mile day planned for tomorrow. Regarding the map, the purple line is the route via major highways; Kyle is sticking to backroads for both scenery and safety; I’ll try to track his actual route as best possible!

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