Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Missouri Hills!!!

Hello Everyone,

Today was my first bout with the infamous hilly terrain in Missouri. Unfortunately it rained through the evening and until about mid-day today which made packing up my tent and riding this morning a little wet. Nevertheless, I made it another 66 miles to Piedmont. Peoples' accents as well as the extreme number of churches in towns (I've counted nine so far in the small town of Piedmont) as well as out in the country indicate that I am still in the cultural South. The bike has been working great and I've been able to find places to stay each evening without any problems up to this point. Since it is more difficult to cover great distances in these hills, it will likely be a few more days before I roll down the last one into Kansas. Thank you again Steve for keeping in touch and posting updates!


  1. Hey Kyle,
    You are making such great time! I hope you are able to enjoy the scenery as whiz by! I'm so glad the bike is working well, and you seem most definitely up to the task!
    You will beat Nick home by a long shot!
    Take Care and God Bless You,

  2. Kyle: I think I sent a comment in error. You are faster at traveling than I am at blogging I'll learn (maybe). Keep on pumping, we are all so proud of you. Love, Grandpa