Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hello Everyone,
Knowing I had to arrive here this morning, it was good that I took advantage of the beautiful weather and the tailwind yesterday. For dinner I purchased two cans of Bush's baked beans and one pound of ham and combined these with rice I was carrying over my backpacking stove. I arrived in Cleveland today after 40 miles into the wind from the campground this morning. It will be good to have a couple days off to celebrate Katie's graduation and let my legs recoup. The scenery up to this point has been rural with rivers, lakes, and many trees. The bike has been working well and, with the exception of Thursday, the weather has been great! I will post additional pictures over the next couple days and thanks for your support.


  1. Go Kyle!!!!!!! This is your cousin Allison! We're all routing for you! Be safe and we'll check in with you again soon!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good luck Kyle! I'm impressed with and jealous of your ambitious trip. Best of luck to you keep up the blog posts!
    -Andy Hanold