Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 2, Klondike, PA

5/13/2009, Day 2

Today Kyle Arrived In: Klondike, PA

See Kyle on the Map:

Miles Traveled Today: 60
Miles Traveled Total: 158
Miles Remaining: 3,242

Kyle’s Update: I just spoke with Kyle as he arrived at a campground in Klondike, PA. He said the 60 mile ride today was on a great, somewhat hilly route with a good shoulder, winding through countryside and arriving just on the eastern edge of the Allegheny National Forest. He’s battled a bit of knee pain after the long first day yesterday. Kyle was joined today by his dad, uncle, and brother Kenley along the route, riding along with Kyle and driving in relay. His current location is about 85 miles south of Buffalo, NY. The closest town to Kyle’s current position is Bradford, PA, the home of Zippo as well as the oldest refinery in the U.S. The four are camping this evening along PA Route 59 and will ride towards Meadville, PA tomorrow.

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  1. Kyle,
    We are thinking of you and praying for your safety and happiness. Thanks for taking us all along with you on this fantastic adventure.
    Ride safe.
    We love you,
    Mike, Bernadette, Richard and Angela