Monday, June 8, 2009

Canon City, CO

Day 28

Miles Completed: 2,110

Approximate Miles Remaining: 1,290

Kyle left Pueblo, CO this morning at approximately 8:30am, heading west towards Canon City, CO, an approximate 50-mile ride. The three pictures are as Kyle departed the Pueblo city library. We had a wonderful weekend, lots of food, boating, fishing, and relaxing - thank you Glenda and Pat for such hospitality!!!

Kyle arrived in Canon City early this afternoon and after realizing that camp sites were $25, opted for a motel room for only $30. After a relatively flat day today and good night’s sleep, Kyle is expected to experience several tremendous ascents within the next few days. The first 30 miles tomorrow will total an ascent from 5,500 ft. to 9,500 ft!


  1. Hey Kyle! What an adventure you are on! I met up with your parents downtown Ellensburg Saturday morning and they filled me in on your trip. They are sure proud of you! Now that I have your blog - I can't wait to go back and read how your ride has been. I am hoping that you and your brother will be able to come back at Christmas to play at church because there are so many people who look forward to seeing/hearing you. :-) Take care and stay safe - but most of all....enjoy the ride.

    Julie Kjorsvik

  2. Welcome back to God's country, just think, after a little (realitively speaking) more climbing you can level off. Then home it is. Welcome back again. Love, Granpa