Friday, June 19, 2009

Darby, MT

Day 39

Miles Completed: 3,036

Approximate Miles Remaining: 564

Above is a picture of Kyle climbing over the continental divide today (again, as he already crossed it in Colorado)!!

Today Kyle rode from Dillon, MT to Darby, MT, via Wisdom, MT and north on highway 93. Rick and Kenley drove down and met Kyle in Wisdom and rode the last 60 miles or so with him. As you could tell by his post yesterday, Kyle was very excited for the company! After an early start this morning, Kyle endured a broken chain, his first major mechanical failure since his broken clip in Colorado. He was able to make a repair and ride on. Rick, Kyle, and Kenley are planning to camp near Darby this evening and ride on to Missoula, MT tomorrow! Kyle will then spend the weekend in Missoula with friends and family, preparing for the last push to Washington. For those of you unfamiliar, Kyle grew up in Missoula (until middle school) and will be attending the University of Montana in Missoula this fall, so it's certainly a big deal to arrive! p.s. Rick hand-delivered Kyle his cell phone this afternoon so he is back in contact.

See Kyle on the Map:

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