Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thumbing It

Day 37

Miles Completed: 2,842

Approximate Miles Remaining: 758

So here’s the follow-up story for last night: Kyle did ride on past Yellowstone although 30 miles from Ennis, late in the afternoon, he was stuck in a torrential downpour / hail storm / thunderstorm. It was storming so badly that he couldn’t see the road, let alone cars, etc. At that point, Kyle huddled down behind his bike on the side of lonely highway 287 in southeast MT, stuck out his thumb and hoped for a ride. Luckily, shortly thereafter, a friendly wine distributor stopped, loaded Kyle’s bike, and gave him a ride to Ennis. Kyle said the gentleman was great company and certainly his savings grace, as he avoided the same storm that caused 9+ tornados throughout the Midwest last evening! Kyle then commandeered a room at the Sportsman Lodge in Ennis and spent the evening drying himself and his bike. It should be pointed out that even before the storm, Kyle managed a 110-mile day, a tremendous accomplishment given the numerous passes and weather challenges of the day!! Today Kyle rides on towards western Montana.

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