Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Off the Map

Kyle left Canon City, CO this morning riding northwest. His plan for the day was to climb far into the Rocky Mountains on highway 9 and either end in Balfour, CO (52 miles) or ride on to Fairplay, CO (76 miles). In addition to the mileage, today also was to encompass several tremendous ascents as Balfour is at 9,000 ft. and Fairplay is at 10,000 ft. At this point I can’t seem to reach Kyle on his phone so it’s anyone’s guess as to exactly where he is. Although he’s temporarily out of touch (and if I know Kyle I’m sure he doesn’t mind), these roads are frequented this time of year with hikers, bikers, and police so from a safety standpoint Kyle is in good hands. From here, Kyle is on to Breckenridge, CO tomorrow, then north towards Wyoming.
See Kyle on the Map (most likely):

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  1. Hi Kyle! Thank you for sharing your experience with those of us who can't seem to get off the couch! There is good food in Breckenridge - the Mexican place with outdoor seating next to the stream (canal?) that comes off the pond at the base of the ski lift is really good. Yeah - you're downhill after today! Take care, Laurie Stehle