Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In Montana – GO GRIZ!

(Old Faithful Above)

Day 37

Miles Completed: 2,792

Approximate Miles Remaining: 808

See Kyle on the Map:

Today Kyle rode northwest through the remaining portions of Grand Teton Nation Park towards Yellowstone National Park. As of noon today, Kyle was at Old Faithful in Yellowstone. Because it was so early in the day, he decided to ride on into Montana, hoping to reach Ennis, MT by this evening. Ennis had been Kyle’s goal for tomorrow so if successful, he will have made up a day and will have ridden close to 160 miles today! At this moment, the weather in Ennis is 70 degrees and partly cloudy with a 6 mph crosswind for Kyle. From Ennis, Missoula, MT (and our cousin Allison’s wedding reception; Kyle’s interim goal for the weekend) is approximately 194 miles west!

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