Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kansas' Last Stand

Above is a picture of Kyle's campsite and dinner in the park this evening in Tribune, KS!

Day 23

Miles Completed: 1,892 (for those of you counting, this equates to 673 miles over the last 7 days!!)

Approximate Miles Remaining: 1,508

Kyle left Ness City, KS this morning and continued riding west. 8 hours later he arrived in Tribune, KS, just over ten miles east of the Colorado border, concluding a 105-mile day. On top of the long days, Kyle has been steadily climbing; he said today that “up is the new flat”. Over the last 48 hours he has climbed from 1,400 ft. to over 3,600 ft. The ascent will certainly continue as Pueblo, CO (4,700 ft.), Breckenridge, CO (9,600 ft.), Alma, CO (10,500 ft.), and Scott Gulch, CO (11,500 ft.) are all along the route within the next week. At this point Kyle can say adios to the central time zone & tornado alley!

I just spoke with Kyle as he arrived at the public library in Tribune so I’ll sign off here so you can have an update from the source…it’s all yours Kyle.

Thanks Steve,

First off, thank you everyone for your encouraging comments (I really enjoy reading them). Luckily I've had a couple of days through the Great Plains of Kansas during which the wind was slightly to my back. This makes a huge difference and allows me to put in the longer mileage days. Now that I'm on the long established "Trans America" bicycle route, I've run into a number of riders. Four were headed east from San Diego, San Fransisco, and Oregon, and three were headed west including a couple from Belgium and a lady from Vermont. It's been exciting to run into these people during the day and chat about our trips. Yesterday and today have been two long days during which I rode about ten and eight hours respectively. Luckily the bike rides smoothly and I'm able to split up the hours with relatively large meals :-) The plan is to ride to Pueblo, CO by Friday afternoon in order to spend the weekend with Steve and Katie (which I am eagerly anticipating).

Thanks again to everyone keeping up with the blog and thanks to Steve for staying in contact and updating the blog frequently.

See Kyle on the Map:


  1. Brian Vulgamore from Scott City wrote me and said he had spotted Kyle outside of Scott City so got to talk with him a few minutes. He was pretty impressed by the adventure and said he enjoyed meeting Kyle. He would have bought him lunch but understood that Kyle wanted to take advantage of the wind at his back!

  2. Kyle,

    It's so exciting to follow you through this incredible journey. It must be very encouraging to find on the trip riders like you doing an extraordinary ride. The reunion in Pueblo with Steve and Katie is going to be a memorable one. Thinking of you!